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incident matches one that happened last week. elise young lives in college park, but works near the white house. >> i bike about 15 miles one way to work. and it's just the easiest, safest way. >> reporter: two days a week, she commutes by bicycle on the metropolitan branch trail. >> i've never felt unsafe. i always bike, i don't walk. i'm often at the, you know, kind of rush hour time, and i actually usually see a good amount of traffic. >> reporter: police are looking for a man who has robbed two commuters. this morning and friday morning. investigators say in both cases a man pulled out a gun and told the victims to put their phones and wallets on the ground. he then instructed them to keep going down the trail without looking back. there have been five other incidents of robbery and assault on the trail since may. mpd arrested a suspect in one of those cases. police say they have regular
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patrols along the trail since it opened, and also have two surveillance cameras dedicated to it. >> see, i don't be out here late at night. but most of the time, i feel pretty safe. >> reporter: dorothy harris uses her lunch break to get a little exercise on the trail. she is just one of many regulars who say they're not going to let anything scare them off. >> and see if there is anyone behind me when i'm walking or something like that. but so far, so good. i have, haven't encountered anyone hostile toward me. everyone is friendly on the trail. >> i'll think about it now that i've heard about that. but i probably won't stop riding. >> earlier this summer, some of the cases happened at night. there is a group of nearby residents who are starting to patrol the trail. police tell us crime is actually down in the neighborhood alongside the trail. back to you guys. >> all right. elaine reyes. thanks, elaine. now to the extreme heat gripping the nation. at least 17 states across the midwest are dealing with temperatures stretching into the
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triple digits. and guess what? we're next. >> the high heat and humidity are headed here in a few days. doug kammerer is outside tonight, just telling us how lovely it is now and how bad it's going to be. >> i don't think it's lovely at all. i'm sweating right now, wendy. but coming up in the next couple of days, it is going to get worse as far as the heat is concerned. we're going to be up around 100 degrees by the end of the week. but that heat index could be up there around 110. let's show you what's happening outside right now across the area. we're into the 90s. current temperature outside at the airport is up there in the 90-degree range. 91 degrees. dew point of 71. winds out of the south at 11 miles per hour. we'll be back in just a minute to let you know how hot things are going to get. >> thank you, doug. a scary scene in rockville this morning. a school bus caught fire on southbound 270 near montrose road, just before 11:00. the driver was the only person on board when the engine compartment caught fire. he wasn't hurt. the southbound lanes of 270 were
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closed as crews doused the flames, creating a traffic headache that extended to montgomery avenue. of but things are back to normal now. a pedestrian is struck and seriously injured in d.c. today. it happened near pennsylvania avenue, and 7th street. there have been six pedestrian deaths in the district so far this year. and authorities say that number should be a wake-up call to everyone out on the roads. tom sherwood is live with the warning. tom? >> reporter: jim, you just heard doug say, it's hot out here this afternoon. people are impatient, and pedestrian safety may not be the main thing on their mind. even in midsummer, downtown traffic can be a dangerous maze for pedestrians and cyclelists. a pedestrian was severely injured monday morning here at 7th and pennsylvania avenue. although not a fatality, police say in this heat, people and vehicles need to be extra careful. >> this time of year, you have a lot more pedestrians out on the streets. you have a lot of tourists in
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the city. you have just a lot of traffic in general. so what we want people to do is try to slow down and take caution when they're crossing these intersections. >> reporter: some pedestrians are aware. >> pedestrians should be careful in general. obviously. there's more traffic coming in and out of the city. so -- >> reporter: right. i'm holding you up, aren't i? >> yes, you are. >> reporter: but this man wearing a headset and hurrying across 7th street is a prime candidate for danger. somebody got hit by a car this morning right here, and they say the worst thing you can do is be listening to headphones. and here i am with my headphon headphones. >> reporter: you were running across the street, you've got a bag and you had your headphones on. so they would say you don't pass. >> i probably -- not the safest thing to do. but i was paying attention. >> reporter: we see people preoccupied with their cell phones or ipods and everything else. so it kind of makes it hard for the driver. >> reporter: two pedestrians were killed in 2007 here at pennsylvania and 7th street when they were hit by a bus.
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so far this year, six pedestrians have died, compared to 14 all of last year. >> yeah, you always have to yield right-of-way to a pedestrian, because a vehicle can do a lot of damage to a pedestrian. even if that pedestrian is at fault, you still have to avoid hitting that pedestrian. >> reporter: so officials say pay attention, use some common sense. i'm tom sherwood, live in downtown washington. back to you, jim and wendy. >> all right. good to be aware out there. tom sherwood, thank you. police believe a front tire blew out and that caused that tour bus crash that killed two people on their way from d.c. to niagara falls. the bus veered off i-390 in had stuben county last night, some 55 miles southeast of rochester. it was carrying passengers who were visiting from india. 35 were injured, 3 of them seriously. police say there's no evidence that excess speed, alcohol or driver fatigue had anything to do with this crash. we have a developing story.
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the whistle blower in the u.k. hacking scandal has been found dead in his home near london. police do not suspect foul play, however, at this point. sean hor was a former "show biz" reporter at "news of the world" but was fired from the paper for substance abuse issues. he told the "new york times" last year that his former boss, an andy kolson to hack voice mails. he went on to become spokesman for david cameron. kolson was arrested in connection with the hacking probe. the debt limit deadline is two weeks away now, and still no deal. house republicans plan to vote this week on a balanced budget amendment that includes spending cuts, but no tax hikes. president obama says he will veto it. and senate majority leader harry reid says his chamber will work through the weekend, and beyond, to come up with a workable deal. part of pepco's plan to offer better service is pitting some neighborhoods against the
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power company. pepco says trees are a primary cause of outages. last summer is announced a plan to increase tree trimming in an effort to increase reliability. but crews have run into resistance when trimming trees on private property. homeowners are concerned it will change the character of their neighborhoods. the montgomery county council held a hearing. asking them to consider a bill that would allow them to trim the trees by declaring them a public nuisance. next at 5:00 tonight, flames tear through the washington yacht club, destroying four boats. tonight, owners assess the damage as investigators zero in on a cause. casey anthony is now in hiding. lawyers are saying -- what lawyers are saying about her top-secret hideout. and they attended the same college, shopped at the same mall, even worked in the same d.c. neighborhood. tonight, see what it took for a mother to reconnect with her son 36 years after putting him up for
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we are just getting started. a ball of fire ripped through the washington yacht club overnight. >> four boats were destroyed, causing more than $1 million in damages. >> tracee wilkins is in
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southeast d.c. with the dramatic pictures for us. >> reporter: these still pictures show just how large the flames were coming from the boat's dock at the washington yacht club on the anacostia river in southeast. boat owners were called to the scene early this morning, some in a panic. >> they called me. i got up out of bed, rushed down here from northwest. and i don't know what the heck it is. what's going on. because i was just down here on my boat saturday. >> reporter: investigators say four boats ranging in size from 35 to 40 feet burned early this morning. the smoke and flames could be seen for miles away. d.c. fire and ems battled the blaze from the water with two fire boats, and also on land, with 50 to 60 personnel on the scene. when the smoke cleared, there was little to nothing left of the four boats involved. >> awful. it's almost like losing a person in your family.
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because the boat is -- means so much to the family. >> reporter: steve ricks is the commodore here at the washington yacht club. his boat was one of the four on fire. he says the club is 105 years old, with less than 40 members, and is private. ricks says he's never experienced anything like this fire. >> i've been in boating now for 30-some years. and it's -- it's just, you know, the first time this has ever happened. this is just a tremendous loss. >> reporter: even with the fire out, the clean-up effort is continuing on the anacostia. gallons of gasoline leaked from the burning boats, down river, along with debris. d.c. fire and ems is working to contain the mess, as their investigation continues. the good news is, no one was injured in this fire. d.c. fire and ems had to wake some folks up who were actually sleeping on their boats and get them to safety. they also had to move some boats out of the way to make sure that they didn't catch fire, as well. they are still working to try and figure out how this fire started. in southeast, i'm tracee wilkins, news4.
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and as tracee said, while they don't know the cause, they do believe it was accidental. well, doug kammerer joins us now, back indoors, where it's a bit cooler accident huh? >> it's really not that bad outside. but it's one of those days still where you walk outside, you can feel it right away. it was definitely on the hot side with the heat index close to 100 across the region. but how about actual temperatures near 100 degrees? i think that's what we're going to be later on this week. i know, a lot of people don't want to hear it, but it does look like it is coming. out there right now, hazy conditions across the area under partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies. current temperature right now, 91 degrees. dew point of 71. winds out of the south at 11 miles per hour and our current heat index is around 98. as far as temperatures go around the region, just about everybody at that 90-degree mark or 90 in martinsburg. 91 in culpepeculpeper. annapolis, one of the cooler spots at 88 degrees right there by the water. but the heat index, it's up there. 100 right now in fredericksburg.
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102 up there towards aberdeen. 98 in the district. 99 down towards la plata and leesburg with the heat index of 99 degrees. so it is a very hot day today, but this is the kind of day we expect in the month of july. what's going to be happening over the next couple days is different as we heat up. doppler radar, nothing to show right now across our region, but there are some showers and storms just up to our north and west. here's the pittsburgh area here. watch these storms making their way toward the south. some of our area, especially our northern area, northern viewing areas into portions of west virginia and maryland, may see some showers and maybe some thunderstorms late this evening into the overnight hours. most of us, i think, will stay on the dry side. but that same front is going to make its way down here during the day tomorrow. as it does, hot temperatures out in front of it. very humid. but in a couple of thunderstorms developing, some of those storms tomorrow could be strong, maybe severe. so we're going to have to watch out for those. any storms that do develop will have the potential to produce very heavy rainfall during the day tomorrow. and then again during the day on wednesday. a little bit less of a chance for rain on wednesday, but i still think with that frontal bound tree around the region,
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we'll see a pretty good focal point for storms. that's why i think we'll see a chance for those storms. as far as the weather goes over the next couple of hours here, dipping down a little bit. 85 to 90 degrees, still a very warm and humid evening, possible strong storms. but as i mentioned, most of those will stay to our north. tomorrow morning, waking up to a warm and humid day. but not too bad. 70 to 75 degrees. winds will be on the light sird. and as we move through the day tomorrow, a day similar to today as far as temperatures go. sun and clouds. hot and humid. but a better chance of strong thunderstorms. we'll have to continue to keep an eye on that situation. temperatures between, say, 90 and 93 degrees. as we move through the next four days, 94 on wednesday, 97 on thursd thursday, the heat index thursday close to 105. friday, 100 degrees with a heat index between 105 to 110. it could be extremely hot as far as the heat and humidity go. and that looks like it could last through parts of the weekend, too. >> yikes. all right. >> sweating already. thank you, doug.
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well, now to the debt limit showdown again. the deadline again is just about two weeks away, still no deal. house republicans plan to vote this week on a balanced budget amendment. >> that includes spending cuts, but no tax hikes. president obama says he will veto it and senate majority leader harry reid says his chamber will work through the weekend and beyond to come up with a workable deal. senior citizens in particular are growing more uneasy about this deadlock, fearing cuts to programs such as medicare and social security. they voiced their concerns in a town hall meeting in springfield. julie kerry reports. >> reporter: well, today's town hall was set up by democratic congressman gerry connolly. republicans charged that democrats are trying to frighten seniors by mischaracterizing their budget cutting proposals. but what seniors seem most worried about today was the uncertainty itself. there was no screaming or shouting at this town hall meeting for seniors at green
5:17 pm
spring village retirement community in springfield. the questions were measured and polite. >> why this keeps -- social security keeps being referred to, even by president obama, as an entitlement program. i paid into social security since i was 12 years old. >> reporter: but ask these seniors if they're worried about the current standoff on capitol hill, and whether medicare, medicaid and social security hang in the balance, and you get answers like this. >> i'm very concerned, and also very angry that there are individuals in congress who are more concerned about their own political future and making their own mark rather than the welfare of the country. >> reporter: democratic congressman gerry connolly had little assurance to calm their fears. he sent this mailing declaring medicare is at risk under certain plans being floated. virginia's aarp director was part of the town hall panel. travel ago cross virginia, he described seniors as dazed and confused. dazed as they recover from a
5:18 pm
recession that threaten their retirement plans, and confused that now medicare and social security are being targeted for potential cuts. >> if you're going to threaten people's sense that social security will pay the full benefit and if you have people worried that some of the costs of medicare that are hard to pay right now, more of those are going to get shifted to them. you have a lot of seniors that are very concerned and they don't know who to believe. >> reporter: 72-year-old resident merwin reeves is concerned. he says uncertainty about red care reimbursement rates has driven his dr. to charge a membership fee. >> if anything happens to that, i'm not sure whether i'll be able to go back to the doctor that i've relied on for years for my -- for my health care. >> reporter: still, these seniors hold out hope for compromise on capitol hill. they have seen it before. ed thurman has been following politics ever since he cast his first ballot for fdr. >> i havie infinite hope in congress.
5:19 pm
>> reporter: in expire of their concern, though, most of the seniors we spoke to believe a compromise will be reached. back to you now. >> julie kerry. thank you, julie. coming up, a local lawmaker wants to even the score for commuters. his request to help your wallet and improve your ride to work. >> they didn't win the world cup yesterday, but there is still reason to celebrate as the u.s.
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it's the time of year to add some fresh produce to your favorite recipe. so why not make something sweet? >> oh, we've got a sweet tooth tonight. liz crenshaw is her with her latest tricks of the trade summer desserts. with the area's freshest ingredients. hi, liz. >> hi, wendy and jim.
5:23 pm
why not safver the season? the season's finest fruits make tasty desserts. here are a few simple tricks you're going to want to try. we're here at stratford university. this chef has tricks of the trade for turning fruits into great desserts. >> we're starting with blueberries. we're going to make a crisp. a crisp sounds great, but mine end up flat like a big, mushy cookie. >> the trick is to use cold butter. we're going to start with flour. >> okay. >> and cinnamon. >> mmmm. >> and then the brown sugar. and we want to combine those first. now i'm going to cut the cold fat into that. keep it surrounded by the flour, so it doesn't become a paste. time for the fruit. so we have two quarts of washed and picked over blueberries. what. >> do we add to those? >> some white sugar and you could use brown again. >> okay. >> a little bit of lemon juice. >> this is the easiest summer fruit dessert i have ever seen.
5:24 pm
>> everybody loves this stuff. >> i love it. >> and bake it for about an hour until it's bubbly. more for the family -- maybe if you were having a dinner party, you would do small ones, individual. >> individual ones with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. perfect. what's next? >> we're going to make a granita, a nice frozen dessert, would you tell us an ice cream maker. >> no ice cream maker. >> we're using cucumber, lemon basil and agaffy. you could use a food processor or a blender to make this dessert. >> cool. >> i've got a nice puree. >> okay. >> i'm going to pour it into this shallow pan. >> then what? >> into the freezer. >> after two hours, you're going to have something that resembles coarse ice crystals. and then put them into chilled glasses, though. >> it's really nice. >> it is refreshing. >> something flombay? >> yes, this is a spectacular way to end the show.
5:25 pm
>> okay. so we're going to do crepes, but i don't have to make them myself. >> no, the trick is to buy them and save yourself some time. and i want to add to the butter some brown sugar. >> okay. >> and liz, if you could put that vanilla. thank you. >> yep. >> now we're going to add those show sour cherries in. >> okay. cherries have been on the fire. >> the pan is hot. that is rum. put that in there, make sure it warms through and ignite. >> that's it? >> that's it. >> cherries, brown sugar, a little bit of rum on top of a cheese-filled blints? summer desserts, fabulous fruits, perfectly easy. >> it was very quick, and you don't need to be a chef to make them. >> and their delicious? >> i hope so. >> i hope so too. oh. that's the crisp.
5:26 pm
that's fabulous. have a great summer. next summer. thanks to stratford university. you can find these recipes on our website, just search customer desserts. and you can cut up peaches or any fruit you can get your hands on. that crisp on top works. >> you can see how empty this is. i don't see a crisp, a granita, anywhere. >> you guys obviously needed some help with those. >> we did. there was a lot on that table there. you were probably working hard here. >> i love how easy it was. quick. >> those cherries looked grt. and they were pitted. >> yes. >> wendy has her own -- >> i'm funny that way. >> thanks, liz. coming up next, a surprising study on seniors. why they may be sharper behind the wheel depending on who is in the car with them. and an escaped murder suspect in d.c. back in custody tonight and facing a judge. how he managed to slip away from u.s. marshals. show me the eviden÷h
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headlin fast4ward through the headlines. police are warning bikers and joggers to be careful through the metropolitan branch trail. a bicycle was robbed this morning. there have been six similar holdups in the past two months. this morning a school bus caught fire on southbound 270 near montrose road in rockville. the driver was the only person aboard when the engine compartment caught fire. he wasn't injured. there was a fire as well at the washington yacht club in southwest. four boats were destroyed. this happened about 3:00 this morning in southeast, rather. no one was hurt, but the fire caused about $1 million in damages. now let's fast4ward to our hot weather. >> it is hot out there right now, but nothing compared to what we're going to be like later on this week. temperatures outside right now into the low 90s. 91 degrees at the airport, the heat index right now at 98 degrees. so that's a hot day.
5:31 pm
but that's what we come to expect during this time of year. however, over the next couple days, we're going to get even hotter. low temperatures tonight down to 74 inside the city. most areas staying above the 70-degree mark with only a slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm. i'll come back later on and let you know how hot we're going to get tomorrow. and then just how hot we get later this week. >> all right. >> thank you, doug. today a murder suspect who escaped custody was back in the courthouse he fled from last week. a judge ordered james brewer held without bond today. >> he slipped away from authorities at d.c. superior court friday. >> that's where pat collins joins us to tell us exactly how brewer pulled this off, pat. >> reporter: wendy, a superior court switcheroo gives a murder suspect a day of freedom. he had dreadlocks when he was arrested. now he sports a shorter cut,
5:32 pm
like the one in this old photo. murder suspect james brewer, back behind bars, after a tricky escape here at superior court. the murder, june 27th. solomon reese, a 71-year-old retired vietnam veteran, robbed, shot and killed in the doorway of his eighth-floor apartment in southeast. charged in that murder, 24-year-old james brewer. he was picked up, and brought to superior court. and put in the cell block to await an appearance before a judge. now, on any given day, at superior court, in the cell block, there can be scores of defendants there. so they devised a sophisticated bracelet system to keep things straight. a former cell mate allowed me to use his bracelet to demonstrate. every time people get locked up and brought to court, they put this bracelet on their wrist. and the bracelet has their
5:33 pm
pictures and information on it. so when they're brought into court, they know they have the right person. normally, that works. last friday, it didn't. according to court documents, brewer escaped by switching his identification bracelet with a defendant who was picked up on a misdemeanor offense. so they say brewer posed as the misdemeanor defendant, got released on personal bond, and simply walked away. i guess nobody took a close look at that picture on that bracelet. brewer. he wasn't out nfor long. he escaped friday. saturday, with his lawyer and the short haircut, he turned himself in. james brewer, held without bond on the murder charge. held without bond on the escape
5:34 pm
charge. and this time, you can be sure, they're going to keep him. wendy, back to you. >> all right. pat collins. thank you, pat. the victim in a small plane crash has now been identified. james dayton of mechanicsville was killed on friday. investigators say he was the passenger in a glider when it crashed into some trees near saint mary's counties regional airport in hollywood, maryland. the pilot is in critical condition. t ntsb says it got disconnected and crashed shortly after takeoff. the caclu is hoping to help ground a lawsuit filed against a local newspaper by redskins' owner daniel snyder. the aclu says it will file a brief within the hour, arguing that snyder must quickly prove his case against the "washington city" paper. snyder says the paper defamed him in an article published last
5:35 pm
november and is seeking $1 million. the aclu is not a party in the case, but feels his lawsuit is both abusive and frivolous and should be dismissed. snyder's spokesman is not commenting. a virginia lawmaker is upset tonight over a local toll road considered one of the most expensive in the country. congressman frank wolf has written a letter now to the virginia department of transportation about the tolls on the dulles greenway in loudoun county. wolf wants to implement distance pricing. right now, the base toll for drivers is $4.50. regardle regardless how long they stay on the greenway. a task force has been set up to study the tolls, but the greenway owners say the highway is not set up for distance pricing. still to come, a new warning for teenagers about the dangers of secondhand
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the people who walked these streets before us were just like you and me -- with hopes, dreams, challenges. today, we do more than just walk the same streets. for a moment, we get to walk in their shoes, preparing us for what lies ahead down our next road. colonial williamsburg. be part of the story. plan your stay at, with packages starting at just $99 per person per night.
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news4 your health now. a new study suggests teenagers don't have to smoke to suffer adverse health effects from smoking. the research from new york university finds exposure to secondhand smoke nearly doubles the risk of hearing loss in adolescents. researchers also found a majority of teens with hearing loss don't even know it. experts say hearing loss at an early age can lead to life-long problems with development. elderly drivers are often teased for driving slowly. but there's a new study that shows your kids may be safer with their grandparents. the research looked at crash claims in 15 states over a period of four years. and it found while older drivers are more likely to get in accidents, the study finds the risk of a child being injured with a grandparent is as much as 50% lower than being with a parent. researchers aren't sure how to explain it, but say grandparents may be driving more cautiously when kids are in the car and may be less distracted than the
5:40 pm
parents. if you're looking to strengthen your marriage, you may want to have a money talk. >> yeah, books called "spouse owenomics" made the case that having your finances in order is essential to a happy union. but new research suggests a lot of couples barely spend any time talking about their money. and that can hurt down the road. >> frankly, the survey results actually surprised us. we had found that less than half of couples surveyed, and these are people at or near retirement, less than half had planned jointly for retirement. >> the research shows women were usually less engaged than their husbands about getting their finances in order. after the break tonight, separated for 36 years, tonight the remarkable reunion between a the remarkable reunion between a moth
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be kind to your eyes... with transitions lenses. transitions adapt to changing light so you see your whole day comfortably... and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you.
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a mother and son separated by time and space maintain a bond that spans for three decades. >> she had put him up for adoption as a baby, and years later, he began a search for her. >> when he found her, she was closer than either of them could have imagined. derrick ward has their story. >> reporter: it's been more than three decades since day montana davis and his mother, ann sullivan, were this close. she remembers her pregnancy. >> and i would just put my arms around my belly and talk to him and tell him all of the things that i wanted him to know. >> reporter: she was preparing to give up her child for adoption, a tough decision for a young mother. she was ohio on a scholarship and in grad school at the time. once damon was born, he was adopted and as he got older, longed to know who his birth mother was. she too had that longing. both were uncertain about what a reunion would bring. >> any time you try to find somebody, you have no idea what
5:45 pm
they're up to, what they're expecting from you. >> as the person who placed him in adoption, i thought, oh my god, maybe he won't forgive me for that. >> reporter: damon consulted a case worker who managed to put a file together and pass the information along to him. he took the next step, writing her a letter. remember those talks she would have with her unborn baby? >> some of the things that i said to him, he actually wrote to me in the letter that he wrote to introduce himself. so it was amazing. >> reporter: now, the ironies associated with this story are remarkable, and numerous. first of all, she worked here at lafont plaza and he worked a short distance away on capitol hill. but the ironies didn't end there. they both attended hampton university, lived relatively close to each other and traveled in some of the same circles. it made them both more anxious about that face-to-face meeting. he sent pictures of his wedding day and of his son before the meeting, but he had no idea what his mother looked like. >> there was something about how she looked at me that i knew
5:46 pm
that's the person i've come here to see. >> reporter: during that meeting, from weren't many words. there were tears and loving embraces. incidentally, the meeting took place on her birthday. >> i'll never have another birthday like that again. >> reporter: nor one without a loving son to help celebrate. derrick ward, news4. >> they say they are pacing themselves and catching up on lost memories. >> boy, what a picture there. there's a lot to absorb, especially for ann sullivan. shortly before she was reunited with her son, she located a long lost half brother, too. >> great story. the story of our weather, not so great. here's doug to tell you that sorry tale. >> yeah, sometimes, you know, you come in with bad news. believe it or not, though, i can getting some people on facebook who say i can't wait for this hot weather. not me. as far as temperatures are concerned right now, currently sitting at 91 degrees out at the airport. that heat index up there around 98 degrees. so today is a hot and humid day. but it's typical for what we typically get in the washington area during the july period. now, as far as highs go
5:47 pm
tomorrow, i think we'll see similar numbers. temperatures between 90 and say 93 to 94 degrees. there's a better chance of storms tomorrow. some of those storms could be on the strong side. we could even see a couple severe storms as a frontal boundary moves into the area. that front will be a focal point for those storms to come through here. it will not, however, cool us off. we will see temperatures around that same number on wednesday with a high temperature around 94. on thursday, 97 degrees. but that heat index up around 100 to 105. friday, an actual temperature near 100 degrees with plenty of sunshine. friday is going to be a very hot day, and i think it's going to last through part of the weekend. i'll have that extended forecast for you, including the rest of the weekend coming up at 6:00. >> thank you, doug. fresh off their heartbreaking loss, the u.s. women's soccer team headed home from frankfurt, germany. japan beat the u.s. yesterday to win its first women's world cup. it was a sour ending to a run that had the nation's attention.
5:48 pm
>> i think we have a lot to be proud of and we're going back to a country that's extremely proud of us. and, you know, that means a lot. so, yeah, we keep our chins up. >> reporter: soccer has been an international sensation, but with professional football and basketball facing lockouts, the team has full support. they're expected to arrive back on u.s. soil within the next day or so. >> i think everybody was a soccer fan yesterday. now on to tennis. hakem joins us live as the washington cassels prepare to take on the capitals. still on fire, hakem. >> reporter: 0, tr wendy, the castles are refusing to lose as their coach murphy jensen so eloquently puts it. 10 and 0, trying to improve against sacramento. you guys are 10 and 0. i'm going to say it again, it's so impressive and you've been able to rally back in a lot of these matches. >> we've got a team that when other teams come to play us, they're asking us to give them
5:49 pm
one. and what do you say to that? no, thank you? i mean, we've got a sold-out house again. that expects a really high-quality of tennis. and they're now expecting us to win every night, which is a little bit of pressure on me and a little bit of pressure on the players. but like i said all along, you know, the d.c. community eats pressure for breakfast. >> yes, sir. perfect season. only been done once in world tennis history. can your team beat it? >> i think we can do it. tonight is a big night. because sacramento is in a position where it's a must-win for them to make that playoff. so they're going to be shooting from the hip. at the same time, because if we win tonight, get this, win tonight, then we've got two matches in new york against new york with serena williams. and then it's just a final finale against, you know, regular season, undefeated, you know -- we can do it. >> murphy, a lot of people remember you from 1993 with your brother luke, you won the doubles title at the french
5:50 pm
open. that was back in the day when you had hair, you were looking good. you still look good. >> no, but i looked good. i looked really good. he was a hot tennis player. now i'm just a mediocre coach. >> you're not a immediamediocre. >> i go humble, low-ball. and then when i win, everyone thinks, "what a coach!" >> you also host a channel, "murphy's guide," travel all over. what's that like for you? >> as a travel and lifestyle show that's showing a behind the scenes look at the world of tennis, so not only do i get to tell the world and show the world where to eat, sleep, stay, and what the players do for fun, in and around the major tournaments, that's a dream come true. seriously, this game has given me a life way beyond the christmas tree farm in northern michigan where yreact yes, sir. >> another michigananderrion. just a mud roller with salmon
5:51 pm
fishing on my mind. >> i want to get your reaction, last week -- y maccin row wore some questionable i want to show the video here. what was your reaction to this outfit here? >> you know, that was -- you know, john mcenroe was my hero growing up and my hero today. but when i saw him in the red, you know, tank top, you know, that -- i wasn't sure if it was arena or -- no. john has got great style. i think he just had a bad day, you know.y)nv my brother on the woul? or whatever that -- swim-suit looking thing? >> if i make the kind of money john mcenroe makes, i'll wear a bikini out there. but no one is offering me that kind of dough to wear a bikini. >> i don't think anyone wants to see you in that, though. no thank you. >> i don't think anybody. >> a sold out crowd here tonight, as the castles try to
5:52 pm
improve to 11 and 0. >> greatest team -- >> greatest professional team, 10 and 0. >> they're shaking things up down there. thanks so much. what john7pok3 john mcenroe's red. >> he looked a little like tony curtis in "some like it hot." >> wonder what john mcenroe thinks when he sees that video? >> oh, my gosh -- >> what was he thinking? >> you have got to be kidding me. >> yikes.t[vdevelop in on news4t 6:00? british pho coming up. more shock waves from that rupert murdoch media scandal. and this is a new development, a death investigation is being linked to the british phone hacking probe. we'll have the latest. a shooting investigation has shut down a busy neighborhood i/ we'll have details on that.e7da nelson mandela is celebrating a birthday today, and he got a great present from the people of south africa. we'll share that story tonight
5:53 pm
at 6:00. >> we'll look forward to it. thanks, dorene. where is casey anthony? ñé
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
kerry sanders reports, the only people who know where she is now are not talking. >> reporter: flanked by her attorney, casey anthony wearing attorney, casey anthony wearing a bright pink shirt, skinny ,s8a officers at the jail and within 15 seconds, was out the front door.
5:57 pm
amid protesters' cat calls, casey made her way to an awaiting suv, where she flashed a slim smile and then she and her crew sped off. some of those who gathered here still angry at her acquittal, gave chase on foot, while from above, news helicopters followed the gray suburban. >> all pedestrians out of the roadway. let's clear it. >> get out of the street! >> reporter: deputies blocked off access, giving casey a secure route to escape the community's anger. >> she is not worth the time of day. after tonight, she is dead in my room. she's gone. >> reporter: the unusually high level ofo$ chasezsfoted broncoqó :5gçecpg buildings iny ! gray
5:58 pm
i just wanted to honor this little girl's memory. >> anthony's defense attorney, cheney mason, will only say she is safe, and he has extra security watching her. that security has been paid for by volunteers. that's it for news4 at 5:00. news4 at 6:00 starts right now.
5:59 pm
the murder suspect who outsmarted the system and escaped from court was back before a judge today with charges against him piling up. >> there has been one attack after another. different victims at different times. but all on the same popular trail. there's a new high-profile resignation in the british phone hacking scandal. and now somebody at the center of the controversy has turned up dead. >> claims of illegal eaves dropping and bribery hit at the heart of britain's police investigation. good evening, i'm jim handly. >> i'm dorene gentzler. jim vance is off tonight. there have been rapid-fire resignations of two officers at scotland yard. plus, the original "news of the world" whistle blower has been found dead. and this comes as media mogul rupert murdoch is expected to answer questions about the telephone hacking scandal from british lawmakers tomorrow. kurt gregory has the latest details on this developing story.

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